Mission and objectives

The main objective of the Arquluk research program is the development of technical solutions to problems related to the performance of northern transportation infrastructures that are constructed on instable permafrost, in a context of climate change.

The specific objectives of the program are listed below:

  1. Improve knowledge of factors affecting the performance of transportation infrastructure built on thaw sensitive permafrost;

  2. Improve techniques for detection and characterization of instable soils and embankments;

  3. Develop engineering tools for the application of different design and maintenance strategies regarding transportation infrastructures in Northern Canada, while taking into account the cost, the feasibility and the effectiveness of the applicable solutions.

The Arquluk program will allow to develop profitable solutions regarding the construction and maintenance of roads, airstrips and railroads, that are built on permafrost.

Programme de recherche ARQULUK - Université Laval
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