Detailed research program

The detailed research program can HERE be downloaded in pdf version.

Importance of research work

The advancement of knowledge and development solutions for transportation infrastructure affected by climate change in permafrost context is likely to have a significant impact, both economically and socially. In permafrost regions, signs of degradation of roads and airfields are increasingly evident. The structural and functional capacities of the transportation infrastructure are threatened. Reduction in service level and, in extreme cases, disruption of service can have dramatic impacts on the communities and companies involved in Canada’s northern development. The project will allow to consolidate an expertise area developed in the last ten years by the applicants.

The program has been developed based on the needs of industry involved in development and management of northern transportation infrastructure. It is meant to help in bridging the gap between fundamental research and practical engineering needs. Knowledge and models developed will be of great help for the analysis of adaptation scenarios. Detection of unstable permafrost and vulnerable sections of roads or airstrips is of paramount importance to support the choice of an appropriate routing, design and maintenance strategy and will greatly assist decision-making processes. Finally, the development of well-documented design, maintenance and management practices, including information on cost and performance of different strategies and decision-making tools for the selection of appropriate actions, will be of major significance for administrations and companies managing transportation infrastructures in Northern Canada. Our research is therefore likely to have a significant impact on the quality of our roads and airstrips, contributing thus to sustained social and economic development of these communities.

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